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Rising Above My Storms Sticker

Rising Above My Storms Sticker

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Matte Black and White Sticker

"At last, she rose above her storms and in that moment she felt complete again." -purelypixi

This illustration represents the moment of serenity when one has overcome a hardship or obstacle. There is luxury in being able to just take a breath after fighting a battle for so long, these moments are not only as precious as the journey itself and are worth fighting for, but they are a necessity of life for sanity. This illustration is a reminder to anyone that needs it, that you will levitate yourself above the storm, the rain, and all that has weighed you down. You may not know how yet, or when, but you will, and you already have so many times through life. You are so strong. You are so capable. And you are so worthy of feeling and living in peace. You are applauded for your continuous strength even through the battles you shouldn't have had to ever fight.

2.8" w x3.3" l

water proof & UV protected for up to 3 years 

shipping: mailed in a stamped envelope with no tracking.

limited quantity 

no returns or refunds 

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