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Instagram Aesthetic Custom Tattoo Design | please read description

Instagram Aesthetic Custom Tattoo Design | please read description

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Get a custom tattoo design created based off of your instagram aesthetic! Please read the entire process below before placing your order then follow the steps below to begin! :)

Select your size + style option for your design :)

This option is one sized - and gives you 3-4" (7-10cm") horizontally and or vertically of design :)

Style Options:

minimal: outline only // very simple

detailed: stipple, hatch (line) shading, or color blocking included. This option is for more complex designs.

Please email with:

- Your order number

- Your instagram handle (your account must be public)

- If you have any tattoos already please include pictures or descriptions of the designs so I don't recreate something you already have :)


What's Next?

After you place your order and send your email with the information above, I will personally take a look at your instagram - I look at your feed, highlights if you have any, anything to help me gauge where you find beauties in life and what it tells me about you <3 I will then use this analysis and my intuition to create a unique custom tattoo design for you :)

I will respond to your email with your completed design within 30 days after you send your email (after purchasing)!


I will send you a detailed analysis of why I decided to create the design I chose for you, a personal aesthetic PDF file containing your vibe and designs, individual images of your designs! <3


Every order comes with an additional 1" custom design, as well as a hand picked premade design that I think would suit you and go well with the other designs made for you :) So you will receive a total of 3 designs when you purchase this option ; two custom designs and one pre made flash design :)


- designs will be received via email within 30 days after you send your email (after purchasing)

- designs are sent over email and nothing is shipped

- no revision or alteration requests are included in this option / designs are final <3

- your instagram must be public

- no refunds or returns

 pricing of this item includes the cost of materials, a 30 minute instagram analysis, the time it takes to design your personal aesthetic (PDF) file, a detailed response of your aesthetic and reasoning behind the design, and design time for creating your tattoo designs after analyzing your aesthetic which drawing itself can take up to 4 hours depending on complexity. <3



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