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Custom Tattoo Commission (open) | please read description

Custom Tattoo Commission (open) | please read description

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If you are interested in getting a custom tattoo design created by @purelypixi please read through the process first and then follow the steps below to purchase and get started ❤︎


1. purchase a size and style option for your tattoo commission

tiny to medium sizes range from 1"-6" (2.5cm-15cm)

Please email me at if you would like to inquire about commissioning a design that will be larger than 6".

style options include:

minimal: outlines, option for no shading at all or simple color blocking as pictured above in the examples.

detailed: stipple or hatch (line) shading included this option is for more complex designs.

2. *please email after purchasing with:

- your order number

- your tattoo design idea

- placement | ideas for where you'd like to place the design on skin

- inspo photos if you have any *I'm very visual so inspo photos are always appreciated :)

Tiny-medium customs: please be as detailed as possible about your design idea if possible! Your first email you send will be used to create your design idea :)

I always am so grateful to create with complete creative freedom for you as well, if you aren't sure of a specific idea feel welcome to just tell me a bit about yourself and your likes + dislikes!


What's next?


Within 30 days of receiving your email, I will reply with your design! After your receive your initial draft of your design, you may request any revisions or alterations to the design as many times as needed at no extra cost. Once you are happy with the design, the process is completed! My #1 goal is to ensure you leave my services with a design you absolutely love :)




you will receive your tattoo design within 30 days or less after you send your email (after purchasing) :)

designs are only sent over email! Nothing is shipped!

you can request alterations when the design is sent as many times as needed at no extra cost

the design will be sent over digitally over email

no returns or refunds - please make sure you select the correct size + style option you would like before finalizing your purchase!

pricing of this item includes cost of materials, analysis of your idea, design time depending on the complexity and size of your design, and revision or alteration requests when requested.




if you want to purchase but are unsure of what to ask for:

I am open to creating absolutely anything for you but here is some ideas of things I create often and would love to make for you!

-song commissions based on specific lyrics or song itself

-memorial designs ; pets, friends, family, etc.

-zodiac signs

-birth flower(s)

-minimal pet designs

-bugs (moths, butterflies, beetles, etc)

-celestial (clouds, suns, moons, stars, etc)

-hippie designs

-witchy designs

-word association designs : ex. a design for self love, hope, etc.

-turning you or your loved one into a fairy :)

- specific placement designs : ex. something for above knee, underboob, sternum, etc.

-mental health designs


These are just some ideas :) You can ask me to create anything for you :)

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