How to Get Inspired Again :

How to Get Inspired Again :

Hello, grab a cup of water and a snack - yes right now ( but come back I’ll wait <3 ) ... ok, hello darling cloud friends. I think we all can agree that the pandemic has left us feeling like the days have melted into each other - a never ending feet dragging Monday.  

With spring’s arrival, I’ve been feeling very optimistic - the suns rays have absorbed into my brain and finally created some happy hormones. Just enough to start thinking about what the hell I want to do with my life. Have you recently had all of this random burst of energy to do things you need to do?

If this pandemic has taught me anything, it’s to enjoy every moment in life exactly how I please. That may sound selfish, it is- but it is okay to be a bit selfish - You are deserving of self love and care especially during a time that is so mentally taxing. 

To be inspired again, you must experience existing through anything as simple as taking a walk on a new trail. Here are a list of ideas to inspire yourself again: void the negativity out of your life when possible and remember : always look ahead - xx


1. journaling - write down your goals. I know, I know so cliché but it really does help. I don’t journal daily, I have to be in the right mood. Create a peaceful setting with a candle alone at night and or in the morning. Write down all of your goals and dreams. Don’t forget to date your writing so you can reflect later! 

2. picnic : immerse yourself in your surroundings at your favorite secret picnic spot. Draw the nature you see, collect pine cones, feel your bare feet on the ground. Bring a cute frog cake. Connect with Mother Nature - she’s very much connected to you already 

You must connect with something outside of yourself to spark inspiration sometimes - we’ve been entrapped with our own minds for months and months. You can find ways to once again safely experience the world - dont get stuck in the way life has changed this past year. 
be safe, wear your mask, experience the world and life anyway you can without harming or putting others down or at risk xo 



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